1839 - James Braswell's Will

James Braswell was the son of James Braswell Jr & Mary Strickland.

Apparently he never married.

1835 - David Braswell's Will

David was the son of James Braswell Jr & Mary Strickland.

He apparently never married.

1796 - Hermon Strickland's Will

Hermon Strickland named a daughter Mary Braswell in his will.

Mary was the wife of James Braswell Jr.

James Jr was the son of James Sr. who named children the

following children in his 1760 Edgecombe County North Carolina will:

Joseph, James, Benjamin, Simon, Sarah Cain & Olive Stinson.

James Sr. is the son of Susannah Burgess Braswell & Unknown.

1898 - George A Braswell

1845 - Irvin Braswell

1881 - Sarah J. Hart Braswell

1811 - Polly "Branswill"

Polly "Branswill" is listed as a debtor in the estate records of Nicholas Conrad,
who owned land on Sulpher Fork in Robertson County, Tennessee.
It looks like he may have been a merchant.

Strong circumstantial evidence suggests that she is Mary Woodard, widow of Micajah Braswell, and that they are the parents of Samuel Braswell. Mary Woodard's sister, Elizabeth Woodard, and brother David Woodard both moved to Robertson County, so it is reasonable to think that she did also. It's interesting to note that Elizabeth Woodard married Daniel Holland. He died in Robertson County Tennessee in 1801, then she married William Taylor and they had a son named Dempsey Woodard Taylor, who was the estate administrator
of Samuel Braswell.

Note that the name Jesse Hunt is also listed in the same paragraph (414)
with Polly Braswell. A Jesse Hunt sold land to Micajah Braswell
in Nash County, North Carolina. Same Jesse Hunt? Most likely, because he disappeared from Nash County.